Toxicology (IND) Services

Toxicology (IND) services refer to the various services provided to support the development of investigational new drugs (INDs). INDs are drugs that are under investigation for potential use in humans, and toxicology services are necessary to evaluate the safety of these drugs before they are tested in clinical trials.

Toxicology (IND) services typically include preclinical studies to assess the potential toxicity of a drug. These studies are conducted in animals and are designed to identify any adverse effects that could occur in humans. The studies may include acute toxicity tests, repeated dose toxicity tests, and genotoxicity tests.

In addition to preclinical studies, toxicology (IND) services may also include regulatory consulting services to help companies navigate the complex regulatory landscape associated with drug development. This can include assistance with IND submissions, preparation of toxicology reports, and support for interactions with regulatory agencies such as the FDA.

Overall, toxicology (IND) services play a critical role in ensuring the safety and efficacy of new drugs, and are essential for bringing new therapies to market.