Altogen Services (now Altogen Labs) provides many types of contract research (biology CRO) services. Often outsourcing research projects saves time and valuable research resources, providing the freedom to focus expertise on analysis and experimentation, accelerating the creative process, and freeing up research personnel. Each client’s unique scientific goals are important to us. Altogen Labs’ scientific teams work on a limited number of research projects at any given time to guarantee focus on specific project goals. The company’s technical support team ( is available to propose the best method to achieve your experimental goals.

Altogen Services (now Altogen Labs) offers pre-clinical CRO research services:

Save time and resources by outsourcing research and development projects to Altogen Labs.

Outsourcing to Altogen Labs allows you to focus on important scientific project goals, accelerate your creative processes, and free up your research personnel.

Our Technical Support team ( can propose the best way to achieve your experimental goals.

  • Drug candidates in vitro & in vivo testing
  • Pharm/Tox studies
  • Therapeutic small RNA development
  • Protein/DNA/RNA liposome encapsulation

Altogen Labs offers a number of RNAi (gene silencing) services, including transient RNAi (siRNA transfection), development of RNAi stable cell lines by stable integration of shRNA-expressing constructs (targeting protein of interest), biodistribution, safety, and other animal RNAi studies.

Our R&D scientists offer years of cell culture experience and expertise including development of protein expression systems, generation of stable cell lines, and associated plasmid DNA construct cloning.

Over 100 cancer cell lines are available to produce stable cell lines in just 28 days, including both protein-overexpressing cell lines and knockdown (RNAi) cell lines, as well as reporter stable cell lines (luciferase, GFP, RFP, and YFP). Our company scientists can also transform customer-provided custom cell line to stably express gene of interest or RNAi-encoding construct. Following clonal cell line selection, cells are expanded to produce a line that expresses the gene of interest after integration into the host cell genome.

Providing experimental details for your project helps us compile an accurate quote and timeline estimate. Contact us at

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Altogen Labs standard research services: