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  • RNA and DNA Isolation

    RNA and DNA isolation are laboratory techniques used to extract nucleic acids from cells or tissues for further analysis. DNA is the genetic material that carries the instructions for the development, function, and reproduction of all living organisms, while RNA is responsible for transmitting genetic information from DNA to proteins, which carry out various cellular […]

  • Tissue Procurement

    Tissue procurement refers to the process of obtaining biological tissues or organs from a donor for use in medical research, transplantation, or other purposes. The tissues may come from living or deceased donors, and may be obtained through various methods such as surgical procedures, biopsies, or post-mortem examinations. Tissue procurement is an important aspect of […]

  • Teratoma Formation Services

    Teratoma formation services are typically offered by companies that specialize in providing researchers with stem cells for research purposes. Teratomas are tumors that contain multiple types of cells, including differentiated cells from various tissues. They can be formed by injecting pluripotent stem cells into immunocompromised mice. Researchers use teratoma formation as a way to test […]

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